Glacial retreat in Western Antarctica. Photograph: Mario Tama/Getty Images
In the News | Nov 03 2016

Current climate commitments are insufficient to reduce emissions by the amounts needed to avoid dangerous levels of global warming, says Unep report

Press Release | Nov 03 2016

The World Bank Group today released the following statement from World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim on the eve of the Paris Climate Change Agreement going into force

In the News | Nov 02 2016

The International Money Fund and the World Bank have long functioned as pillars of the global economic and financial order. But when it comes to financing the energy needs of the world, there’s a new leader: China.

In the News | Nov 01 2016

The amount of carbon needed to power the global economy fell to record lows in 2015, as coal consumption in major economies plummeted.

The coal-fired Castle Gate Power Plant is pictured outside Helper, Utah. Photograph: George Frey/Reuters
In the News | Oct 31 2016

Climate denial often centers around myths about the importance of coal in alleviating poverty

In the News | Oct 31 2016

Even as the U.S. pledges to cut its emissions, it is helping to finance new coal-powered plants overseas.

In the News | Oct 27 2016

Air-conditioning is not just a luxury. It’s a critical adaptation tool in a warming world, with the ability to save lives.

In the News | Oct 27 2016

Economist says green development is the only route to global economic growth and points to China leading the world on climate change action

In the News | Oct 26 2016

Nepal is one of the most vulnerable countries in terms of climate change and its impacts.

In the News | Oct 26 2016

To expand use of clean power, Kenya moves toward solar panel systems with batteries to provide power at night